Copyright Notice

Hey there, fellow explorers and wanderlusters! Thanks for dropping by the digital wonderland that is Anxious & Abroad. I’m thrilled that you’re loving the vibes here, and I want to make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to copyright magic.

The Magic of Originality and Collaboration

All the captivating words, awe-inspiring images, and mind-blowing content you find on this blog are like those rare souvenirs you snag on a journey – they’re mine! Yep, that’s right. Everything you see, read, and interact with here is my creative concoction, protected by the mighty powers of copyright law.

However, I also want to let you in on some behind-the-scenes wizardry. While some of the content here is handcrafted by me, some of it comes from a unique blend of artificial intelligence, human fact-checking, and editing. It’s like a creative dance that involves both cutting-edge technology and a human touch.

The Sharing Shenanigans

While I’m all about spreading the travel bug and making new friends, I’ve got to draw the line when it comes to my creations. That means no snatching, swiping, or sneakily borrowing my stuff without a heads-up and proper attribution.

The Sharing Rules

  • Sharing Is Caring: If you’re itching to share my content (and I’d be flattered if you are!), shoot me a message through the Contact Me page. Let’s chat about how we can make that happen in a way that respects both of our creative energies.
  • Attribution Awesomeness: If you do decide to share my content, throw in a shout-out to Anxious & Abroad. A link back to the original post is like a high-five from across the internet – it makes me do a happy dance!

The Legal Gobbledygook

I know, I know – this is where things get a bit less exciting. But hey, we’ve got to keep it legit, right? So, if you’re thinking about going beyond sharing and using my content in ways that would make a copyright lawyer’s heart race, hit me up at . Let’s chat about how we can make some copyright magic together.

The Big Heartfelt Thanks

I want to take a moment to send a massive shout-out to all of you who respect the creative process and the journey that’s brought us together here. You’re the reason I’m able to share my passion for travel, storytelling, and all things Anxious & Abroad. You rock!

So, here’s to respecting each other’s creative spaces and creating a digital world where magic and inspiration flow freely. Let’s keep the adventure alive!

Stay wild, Jennifer 🌍✈️