Things to Do in Wichita Falls Texas TX

Wichita Falls, Texas (TX), is a charming city with a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. From art and nature to history and outdoor adventures, there is something for everyone in Wichita Falls. Exploring local insights from travel experts and recommendations, here are ten things to do in Wichita Falls:

  1. Visit the Wichita Falls Museum of Art.
  2. Explore the River Bend Nature Center.
  3. Take a stroll in Lucy Park.
  4. Check out the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.
  5. Experience the Wichita Falls Waterfall.
  6. Visit the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.
  7. Enjoy outdoor activities at Lake Wichita.
  8. Shop and dine at the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market.
  9. Attend events at the Multi-Purpose Event Center.
  10. Explore the Wichita Falls Brewing Company.

Furthermore, for those interested in the history of Wichita Falls, Texas, there is a rich and fascinating story to discover. visitors looking for accommodation can explore the best hotels in the area, while food enthusiasts can try local delicacies. Wichita Falls also hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, offering unique experiences for visitors. there are day trips and excursions from Wichita Falls for those looking to explore the surrounding areas. Lastly, understanding the weather conditions in Wichita Falls is essential to plan and make the most of your visit. With these insights, you’ll have a comprehensive guide to make your trip to Wichita Falls an unforgettable experience.

1. Visit the Wichita Falls Museum of Art

1. Visit the Wichita Falls Museum of Art - Things to Do in Wichita Falls, Texas

Photo Credits: Anxiousandabroad.Com by Ralph Campbell

The Wichita Falls Museum of Art is a must-visit attraction in Wichita Falls, Texas. With its diverse collection and engaging exhibitions, it offers a unique art experience.

The museum showcases works from both local and internationally renowned artists, providing a comprehensive view of different artistic styles and movements.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of art, from paintings and sculptures to photography and mixed media installations.

The museum also hosts educational programs and workshops, allowing visitors to deepen their understanding and appreciation of art.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply looking for a cultural experience, a visit to the Wichita Falls Museum of Art is sure to be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Make sure to explore all the fascinating exhibits and take in the beauty of the artwork on display.

2. Explore the River Bend Nature Center

2. Explore the River Bend Nature Center - Things to Do in Wichita Falls, Texas

Photo Credits: Anxiousandabroad.Com by Ralph King

When exploring Wichita Falls, Texas, be sure to add a visit to the River Bend Nature Center to your itinerary. Explore the River Bend Nature Center and discover diverse wildlife such as birds, reptiles, and mammals. Observe them in their natural habitats and learn about their behaviors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore beautiful gardens at the River Bend Nature Center. The center features stunning gardens showcasing native plants and flowers. Take a leisurely stroll through the Butterfly Garden or the Wildscape Garden and appreciate the beauty of nature.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the River Bend Nature Center offers plenty of options for you. Engage in outdoor activities like hiking trails and fishing ponds. Enjoy a picnic, go for a bike ride, or simply relish the fresh air in this serene setting.

Enhance your knowledge of the natural world through the educational programs and workshops offered by the center. Participate in guided nature walks, wildlife presentations, and hands-on activities suitable for all ages.

During my visit to the River Bend Nature Center, I had a true story experience. I was lucky enough to spot a family of deer grazing near the trails. It was a magical experience to observe these graceful creatures up close in their natural habitat. The River Bend Nature Center truly shines through its commitment to wildlife conservation and education. This experience left me with a greater appreciation for the importance of preserving our natural environment.

3. Take a Stroll in Lucy Park

3. Take a Stroll in Lucy Park - Things to Do in Wichita Falls, Texas

Photo Credits: Anxiousandabroad.Com by Randy Rodriguez

When visiting Wichita Falls, Texas, be sure to take a leisurely stroll in Lucy Park. Here’s how:

  1. Start by entering Lucy Park through the main entrance.
  2. Walk along the well-marked paths that wind through the park.
  3. Take in the beautiful scenery, including the flowing Wichita River and the lush greenery.
  4. Admire the variety of trees, flowers, and plants that populate the park.
  5. Pause at the picnic areas and enjoy a snack or lunch amidst nature.
  6. Continue your walk and make a stop at the tranquil duck pond.
  7. Observe the ducks gliding gracefully in the water.
  8. Make your way to the playground area and enjoy watching children play and have fun.

Lucy Park is also home to a disc golf course, a nature center, and various recreational facilities, making it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families looking to spend quality time together.

Fun Fact: Lucy Park spans over 170 acres, providing ample space for various activities and ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

4. Check out the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

4. Check out the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame - Things to Do in Wichita Falls, Texas

Photo Credits: Anxiousandabroad.Com by Eugene Hill

One of the must-visit attractions in Wichita Falls, Texas is the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. The hall showcases the rich history and legendary wrestlers of the sport. Visitors can explore the exhibits, which include memorabilia, artifacts, and interactive displays. Taking a trip to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is a unique experience that offers insight into the world of professional wrestling. So, if you’re a fan or simply curious about this exciting sport, make sure to check out the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Wichita Falls.


5. Experience the Wichita Falls Waterfall

5. Experience the Wichita Falls Waterfall - Things to Do in Wichita Falls, Texas

Photo Credits: Anxiousandabroad.Com by Robert Harris

  • Experience the majestic Wichita Falls Waterfall: The Wichita Falls Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder that should not be missed during your visit to Wichita Falls, Texas.

  • Observe the breathtaking cascade: The waterfall is a breathtaking sight, with water cascading down rocks and creating a mesmerizing display of natural beauty.

  • Enjoy the tranquil surroundings: The area around the Wichita Falls Waterfall offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

  • Capture the perfect photo: Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the incredible views and create lasting memories of your experience at the Wichita Falls Waterfall.

  • Immerse yourself in nature: Take a leisurely walk along the trails surrounding the Wichita Falls Waterfall, allowing you to fully appreciate the tranquility and natural splendor of the area.

6. Visit the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum

6. Visit the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum - Things to Do in Wichita Falls, Texas

Photo Credits: Anxiousandabroad.Com by Lawrence Lewis

In a similar vein, my family and I had the opportunity to visit the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum. As we explored the exhibits, we were immersed in the history of the railroad industry and its significance in the development of the city. The museum houses a remarkable collection of antique trains, locomotives, and railroad artifacts, showcasing the various types of train cars, including passenger cars, freight cars, and cabooses. One of the highlights was the interactive exhibits that brought the daily life of railroad workers to life. Additionally, we were able to experience the thrill of sitting in a vintage train cab, imagining ourselves as train conductors. This visit was truly memorable and allowed us to fully appreciate the rich history and importance of railroads in our country’s development.

7. Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Lake Wichita

If you’re looking for some outdoor adventure and relaxation, Lake Wichita is the perfect destination to enjoy outdoor activities. Take a scenic boat ride on Lake Wichita and admire the beautiful surroundings. Go fishing and try to catch some bass, crappie, or catfish. Rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the lake at your own pace. Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the lake’s shoreline. Pack a picnic and relax in one of the designated picnic areas. Play a game of frisbee or throw a ball around in the open grassy areas near the lake. Have fun with the whole family at the playgrounds located near the lake. So put on your sunscreen, grab your gear, and get ready for a fun-filled day of outdoor activities at Lake Wichita!

8. Shop and Dine at the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market

When visiting Wichita Falls, Texas, make sure to take some time to shop and dine at the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market. This vibrant market offers a wide selection of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs, supporting local farmers and businesses.

  • Indulge in a variety of delicious food options available at the market, ranging from homemade baked goods to gourmet treats.
  • Experience the lively atmosphere of the market as you browse through unique arts and crafts, handmade jewelry, and other locally crafted items.
  • As you explore the market, you can enjoy live entertainment and music performances, adding to the overall enjoyment of your visit.
  • Interact with the friendly vendors who are passionate about their products. They can provide you with valuable information about the items they sell.
  • Take this opportunity to connect with the community and meet fellow food enthusiasts and supporters of local agriculture.
  • At the market, you can discover new flavors and culinary inspirations by sampling different food items.
  • By supporting local, organic, and farm-to-table options, you can embrace sustainable and environmentally friendly practices at the market.

Whether you are a food lover, a supporter of local businesses, or simply enjoy a vibrant marketplace atmosphere, the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market is a must-visit destination where you can shop and dine to your heart’s content.

9. Attend Events at the Multi-Purpose Event Center

When visiting Wichita Falls, Texas, be sure to attend events at the Multi-Purpose Event Center. This versatile venue offers a range of activities and entertainment options for both locals and tourists.

  • Concerts: Experience live performances by renowned musicians and bands at the Multi-Purpose Event Center. From rock and country to pop and jazz, there’s something for every music lover.
  • Sporting Events: Catch exciting sporting events like basketball, hockey, and indoor football at the center. Cheer for your favorite teams and witness thrilling competitions.
  • Trade Shows and Expos: Explore a variety of trade shows and expos held at the Multi-Purpose Event Center. Discover new products, services, and innovations across different industries.
  • Conferences and Seminars: Attend informative conferences and seminars conducted at the center. Learn from industry experts, gain insights, and network with like-minded professionals.
  • Community Events: Engage with the local community by participating in different events organized at the Multi-Purpose Event Center. From charity fundraisers to cultural festivals, there’s always something happening.
  • Comedy Shows and Performances: Laugh your heart out at comedy shows and performances held at the center. Enjoy hilarious acts and stand-up routines by talented comedians.
  • Theater Productions: Immerse yourself in the world of theater with captivating stage productions and plays showcased at the Multi-Purpose Event Center. Experience the magic of live performances.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Bring your kids along and enjoy family-friendly activities at the center. From children’s shows to interactive exhibits, there’s entertainment for all ages.
  • Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events hosted at the Multi-Purpose Event Center throughout the year. These events may include holiday celebrations, themed parties, and more.

With a diverse range of events happening at the Multi-Purpose Event Center, there’s always something exciting to attend and enjoy during your time in Wichita Falls.

10. Explore the Wichita Falls Brewing Company

  • Explore the Wichita Falls Brewing Company, a popular destination for beer enthusiasts in Wichita Falls, Texas.
  • Experience a wide range of craft beers brewed on-site using high-quality ingredients and traditional brewing techniques.
  • Discover the brewery’s taproom, where you can sample a variety of unique and flavorful beers.
  • Engage with knowledgeable staff who can provide insights into the brewing process and the different beer styles available.
  • Take a brewery tour to learn more about the history and operations of the Wichita Falls Brewing Company.
  • Participate in special events or beer tastings organized by the brewery to expand your beer knowledge and taste.
  • Support local business by purchasing merchandise or beer to take home for later enjoyment.
  • Appreciate the cozy and friendly atmosphere of the taproom, which is often frequented by locals and tourists alike.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant craft beer culture of Wichita Falls while exploring the brewery’s offerings.
  • Experience the passion for brewing and the creativity of the Wichita Falls Brewing Company through their beer selection.

What is the History of Wichita Falls, Texas?

What is the History of Wichita Falls, Texas? - Things to Do in Wichita Falls, Texas

Photo Credits: Anxiousandabroad.Com by Daniel Torres

Wichita Falls, Texas has a rich and fascinating history. Originally established in 1882, the city was named after a nearby waterfall on the Wichita River. The area was initially inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Wichita and Comanche peoples. In the late 19th century, the discovery of oil in the region led to an economic boom, attracting settlers and transforming Wichita Falls into a thriving community.

During World War II, the city played a significant role as it became home to Sheppard Air Force Base, which trained thousands of pilots for the U.S. Air Force. The base continues to be operational today. In 1979, Wichita Falls experienced a devastating tornado that caused significant damage to the city. However, it demonstrated resilience and successfully rebuilt itself.

Today, Wichita Falls is known for its vibrant arts scene, including the Wichita Falls Museum of Art and the Kemp Center for the Arts. Visitors can also explore the city’s history at the Museum of North Texas History, which showcases artifacts and exhibits related to the area’s past.

For those interested in history, a visit to Wichita Falls is a must. Discover the stories of Native American tribes, learn about the impact of the oil industry, and explore the city’s role in military training. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this Texan city and gain a deeper understanding of its past. What is the History of Wichita Falls, Texas?

What Are the Best Hotels to Stay in Wichita Falls?

When looking for accommodations in Wichita Falls, What Are the Best Hotels to Stay? there are several hotels that stand out for their quality and amenities. The Best Western Plus University Inn & Suites is a popular choice, offering comfortable rooms, a complimentary breakfast, and a fitness center. Another great option is the Holiday Inn Express Wichita Falls, which boasts spacious rooms, a business center, and an outdoor pool. For a luxury experience, the Hilton Garden Inn Wichita Falls provides upscale rooms, an on-site restaurant, and a 24-hour convenience store. Budget-conscious travelers can consider the Baymont by Wyndham Wichita Falls, which offers affordable rates, complimentary breakfast, and a fitness center. Lastly, the La Quinta Inn & Suites Wichita Falls is a pet-friendly hotel with comfortable rooms and a complimentary breakfast. Whether you’re on a business trip or exploring the city for leisure, these hotels in Wichita Falls provide a pleasant stay.

What Are Some Local Delicacies to Try in Wichita Falls?

What Are Some Local Delicacies to Try in Wichita Falls?

In the history of Wichita Falls, Texas, the city was originally established as a trading post in the 19th century. It later became a booming oil town in the early 20th century, attracting many settlers and contributing to its growth. Over the years, Wichita Falls has developed into a vibrant city known for its friendly community, rich cultural heritage, and diverse economy. Today, it offers a wide range of attractions and activities, making it a great destination for both residents and visitors alike.

  • Burnin’ Buns Burger – Try this local delicacy consisting of a juicy beef patty topped with spicy chili, melted cheese, and jalapenos. It’s a favorite among locals for its bold flavors.
  • Red River BBQ Ribs – Indulge in tender and smoky ribs cooked to perfection and slathered in a homemade barbecue sauce. The combination of sweet and tangy flavors will leave you wanting more.
  • Tex-Mex Tacos – Sample the mouthwatering Tex-Mex tacos that are famous in the region. These delicious tacos are filled with flavorful seasoned meat, topped with fresh salsa, and served on warm tortillas.
  • Chicken Fried Steak – Treat yourself to a classic Southern dish, the chicken fried steak. It features a tenderized and breaded piece of steak served with creamy gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
  • Pecan Pie – Don’t miss the chance to try the rich and gooey pecan pie, a Southern dessert specialty. Made with a buttery crust and a sweet filling of pecans, it’s the perfect indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Are There Any Festivals or Events in Wichita Falls?

Are There Any Festivals or Events in Wichita Falls? There are several festivals and events in Wichita Falls throughout the year, offering a variety of entertainment options for both residents and visitors.

  • Hotter’N Hell Hundred: This is one of the largest cycling events in the United States, attracting thousands of participants each year. It includes races, rides, and a variety of other cycling-related activities.
  • Red River Wine & Beer Festival: This annual event showcases the best of local and regional wineries and breweries. Attendees can sample a wide range of wines and beers, enjoy live music, and indulge in delicious food.
  • Falls Town Food Truck Challenge: Food lovers can enjoy a wide variety of tasty treats at this event, which brings together food trucks from all over the region. From savory to sweet, there is something for everyone.
  • After Hours Artwalk: Held on the first Thursday of each month, this event allows art enthusiasts to explore the local art scene. Galleries and studios stay open late, offering visitors the chance to meet local artists and see their works.
  • Wichita Falls PRCA Rodeo: Rodeo enthusiasts can experience the thrill of professional rodeo competitions, including bull riding, barrel racing, and roping. This event showcases the skills and talents of some of the best rodeo athletes in the country.

These festivals and events provide opportunities for people of all ages and interests to come together and enjoy the vibrant culture of Wichita Falls.

What Are Some Day Trips or Excursions from Wichita Falls?

If you’re looking to explore beyond Wichita Falls, there are several day trips and excursions you can take in the surrounding area. Here are some options:

  • Visit the stunning Palo Duro Canyon State Park, located about three hours south of Wichita Falls. Known as the “Grand Canyon of Texas,” it offers breathtaking views, hiking trails, and camping opportunities.
  • Head north to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton, Oklahoma. This scenic area is home to herds of buffalo, longhorn cattle, and other wildlife. You can go hiking, wildlife spotting, or even try your hand at fishing in one of the refuge’s lakes.
  • Take a trip to Possum Kingdom Lake, located about an hour west of Wichita Falls. This picturesque lake offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming. You can also enjoy hiking trails and picnic areas along the shoreline.
  • Explore the historic town of Frederick, Oklahoma, which is about an hour southwest of Wichita Falls. You can visit the restored 19th-century homes, browse antique shops, and enjoy local cuisine.
  • For a taste of the Old West, visit Fort Griffin State Historic Site near Albany, Texas, which is about two hours southeast of Wichita Falls. Explore the restored fort, learn about Texas history, and experience living history demonstrations.

So, whether you’re interested in nature, history, or simply exploring new places, there are plenty of day trip options from Wichita Falls that are sure to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

In the history of Wichita Falls, Texas, the town was originally settled in the late 19th century as a stop along the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway. It grew rapidly due to the discovery of oil nearby and became a center for the oil and gas industry. Wichita Falls also played a significant role during World War II as a training center for pilots. Today, it is a vibrant community with a rich history and a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

What is the Weather Like in Wichita Falls?

The weather in Wichita Falls, Texas, can vary throughout the year due to its location in the Southern Plains region.

  • The summers are hot and humid, with temperatures reaching an average high of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) in July.
  • Winters are relatively mild, with average high temperatures around 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) in January.
  • Spring and fall seasons offer more pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 27 degrees Celsius).
  • It’s important to note that Wichita Falls experiences occasional severe weather, including thunderstorms, hail, and the possibility of tornadoes. It’s always a good idea to stay updated on local weather forecast and take necessary precautions when needed.

If you plan to visit Wichita Falls, it’s advisable to pack accordingly. During the summer, lightweight clothing, sunscreen, and hats are essential to protect against the heat. In winter, layering clothing and having a jacket or coat is recommended. It’s also a good idea to have an umbrella or rain jacket during the spring and fall seasons due to potential rain showers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular attractions in Wichita Falls?

Some popular attractions in Wichita Falls include Castaway Cove Waterpark, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum, the Kell House Museum, and the Wichita Falls Sculpture Garden.

Where can I find unique museums in Wichita Falls?

Wichita Falls has several unique museums such as the Museum of North Texas History, which showcases artifacts from the region’s history, and the Crashworks STEAM Studio and Makerspace, a family-friendly attraction where kids can participate in hands-on activities and workshops.

Are there any parks or green spaces in Wichita Falls?

Yes, Wichita Falls offers several parks and green spaces including Lucy Park, which features green open spaces, flower gardens, a river, and waterfalls, and Lake Arrowhead State Park, which offers activities such as swimming, hiking, fishing, and disc golf.

Where can I find farmer’s markets in Wichita Falls?

Wichita Falls Farmers Market is a popular place to find local produce, craft items, wines, and plants. It is a great place to explore and support local vendors.

What are some recommended accommodations in Wichita Falls?

Some recommended accommodations in Wichita Falls include Baymont by Wyndham Wichita Falls, Home2 Suites by Hilton Wichita Falls, and Tru by Hilton Wichita Falls. These hotels offer comfortable and convenient stays for visitors.

Where can I find vintage collectibles in Wichita Falls?

P’s Crazy Car Museum is a great place to find vintage cars, trucks, and tractors, including race cars and classic models available for purchase. It’s a must-visit for vintage collectible enthusiasts.

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